Do you want to sell your house for Top Dollar?  Well Duh


Do you want to sell it as FAST as possible? Duh again right?

Barb Schwarz the creator of home staging ® says we "must set the stage" "How we live in a home is not how we market and stage it to sell. " Your home is now a "product". Your must market the product.

Staging is the ultimate number one most powerful and effective marketing tool!!


What do you do when you get ready to sell your car? You take the fast food bags out of the back seat, kiddie toys, empty water bottles and polish and clean it up inside and out…...........right?

We have all heard the saying “ you never get a second chance to make a First Impression right?


Define the space…..buyer’s are “spatially challenged”!

6 Things To Remember

1.) Your First Showing will be online!!

Those pictures need to look fantastic to maximize your internet presence which is where buyer’s and realtors are looking first to determine which properties showcase the best. Let it be YOURS! Don’t let your “unstaged” home help sell “the other guys home”!

2.) “Clutter Eats Equity” says Barb Schwarz

The creator of home staging. So that’s an easy fix…………just start packing early so you will be ahead of the game when that full price offer(or known as “staged price” comes in you can focus your sites on your next castle of dream making.

3.) Convert rooms back to their original intention.

So you have been using that dining room as a home office and it has served you well………..but now is the time to convert it back while on the market. “People don’t buy what they don’t see” says Barb Schwarz creator of staging ®. Create a warm inviting impression that buyer’s can easily imagine themselves enjoying.

4.) “If you can smell it you won’t sell it”

We buy with our senses. Keep the cooking spices at bay when showing your home. Take the trashes out. Remove all evidence of those furry pets you love. Please please please don’t smoke in the house………this is an Equity death wish!

5.) “Vacant Don’t Make it”

I know sometimes you just have to get onward to the next location…………but guess what? An empty house sends the message that you were in a “hurry” and may be desperate to sell possibly carrying two mortgages. Stage UP FRONT! Those first 30 days are “Critical”. People have no imaginations and will have no emotional connection to the property when it is left vacant. Staging is a “emotion”….people justify price on “emotion”

6.) Less is more……

We all live with just too much stuff. Too much furniture, and things. How we “live” in our home and how we “market our houst” to SELL are so different. Get that jump start on packing and your on your way to the next step in your life journey

Do all of the above….and you will be quickly on your way to your new place having sold FASTER & for More Money!”

“the investment in staging is never as much an the next or “another” Price reduction!"

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