Organizing, Packing, Senior Relocation​

Bringing in our Professional Organizers isn't an expense - it's an investment in your life.

Does the thought of dealing with a cluttered home put a sick feeling in your stomach? Are you embarrassed to invite visitors to your home? Or do you just not have the energy to tackle such an enormous task? You'd be amazed at how many people feel the same way. That's why we help you put things in order, and show you practical ways to keep it that way.

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Ta Da offers our “Freedom From Stuff” method

We base what we do for you on our proven system that's efficient and easy to understand:

• Concentrate on one area and one room at a time. It's very easy to get distracted.

• Localize items where they’re actually put to use. Kitchen items often wind up in a bedroom or work area, for example, or bank statements and mail are piled on the kitchen counter.

• Eliminate items you no longer use. We can arrange to sell, donate or discard them. (Yes, you can often make some money as a result of this process.)

• Assign clear categories, apply labels and allot holders and containers where appropriate.

• Note which discarded items require special handling. (Anything with your Social Security number on it, for example.) We can have your confidential documents shredded and provide a Certificate of Destruction. We can also have recyclables taken care of.

• Sustain your new lifestyle. We show you ways to keep everything organized. You can also schedule us to return on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to maintain things for you.

• Enjoy all the new space you have after we're done – and the tranquility that comes when you can find anything you need quickly and easily.

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