About TaDa Staging

by KAT 


Founder, Lead designer and ASPM (Accredited Staging Professional Master)

KAT Troulinos is the founder and lead designer for Ta Da Staging & Designs by KAT.

KAT has devoted  over a decade teaming with award winning builders and designers in the greater Houston.  Her expertise included in sales and marketing ; design selection; and as the in house showcase staging professional representing more than 6  communities, KAT has gained an in-depth understanding on how to strategically market not only the space but to the lifestyles they represent to get amazing results!

  Staging & marketing go hand in hand for KAT and she takes pride in making sure that every unique property is optimally staged and receives maximum exposure through her varied channels, including but not limited to, being posted on Stagehomes.com which receives over 7 million hits per month.

“At TA DA  Staging by KAT each of our stagers are trained and are ASP certified as Accredited Staging Professionals” says KAT. It is important to her that all team members are accredited and continue their education to assure optimal results for their clients.  Not every stager or staging company are created equal.   We work together in transforming each unique property into a space that creates the largest potential audience of buyers.”  KAT  personally orchestrates each design through hand selected pieces of furniture, artwork, lighting, area rugs & accessories that will optimally enhance each unique property taking into consideration price point, demographics and style of the property. “The planning and design phase is carefully structured to showcase the best features of the property as well as minimize any challenging floor plans through strategic furniture placement to achieve the best flow and feeling for each area and the space in it’s entirety. If we need a certain piece to complete a cohesive look and it is not in our warehouse, we will purchase it! If we don’t “WOW” you we’re not meeting our goals.” Says KAT.

  KAT says her company strategically markets not only the space but to the lifestyles they represent. Whether serving homeowners, realtor partners, investors or home builders the ultimate focus for Ta Da Staging is to help their clients sell their property in the least amount of time for the most amount of money. Ta Da Staging’s “Magical Transformations” WOW ME package seems to be getting that done all over Houston!


Is to create and transform spaces that will realize the power and tenaciousness of an amazing "First Impression". Helping our realtor partners, builders, investors and homeowners to sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY than their competition or simply live & feel better in their unique home space, while providing the highest of professional and ethical standards in the industry. Sharing our gifts, resources, experience and talents is at the very core of our passion whether Staging to Sell, Staging to Dwell, or creating a Color Perfect space we are truly thankful for being able to make a difference in our clients next step in their home space journey.TA DA BY KAT