Are You Selling Your Home?

Let There be Light And there was light !!!


Staging by: TA DA by KAT Next Level Staging & Design
Photography by: Common Ground Photography

Did you know that most potential buyers are attracted to a space that is light and bright?
Are you improving your own personal home living or workspace?
Did you know that LIGHT raises your vibration (that’s a GOOD thing and makes you Feel Good!

Here are 6 EASY steps you can take to illuminate your space if Selling:

1. Remove all heavy drapes, tie backs and valances to let MORE light in and neutralize the space for viewing.
2. Move any furniture that is BLOCKING the natural light from windows…unobstructed views are key.
3. Open blinds in all rooms to let in natural light for showings and pictures
4. Make sure all lighting is in working order and in each room the same lumens and temperature or KELVIN. To replace a 100 wat bulb look for a bulb that gives you about 1600 lumens. Daylight best/ dollar store great source! Please go to our website and register to receive a complimentary guide conversion.
5. Use ambient lighting for dark corners…an UPLIGHT or floor lamp works famously!

This is from IKEA and a little over $100. We use in living rooms, bedrooms and wherever the space needs a boost in light that is not provided from natural light and/or has a northern exposure o the space.



This comes from Home Depot and only $11.

Place this in a dark corner with maybe a faux or real plant and “TA DA “ Let there be light! It creates a lovely ambience and creates the illusion of more space. When Selling it’s all about the Space & square footage!

So Let’s Talk About Lighting Up Your Personal Home Space Or Home Office Space.

Both the previous examples can apply but here are 6 things for your personal Home space illumination:
1. Determine in each room how you and your family “live” in each space.
2. Next take note of “TASK” and or “hobby/ learning/ entertaining, light needed for reading, studying, office work, artwork, home schooling (you get the idea)
3. Take note of “time of day” or evening activity in each room to help determine your plan.
4. Create Harmony by paying attending to unified Kelvins (temperature )in a given room.
5. Use “Energy Efficient” bulbs LED to save on energy bills.
6. Using ALEXA? Have a central HUB installed for easy operation and money saver….stay tuned…I am doing just that in the next couple of weeks.

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