Front Porch Energy By KAT Troulinos/TA DA By KAT


First Impressions-with a twist of “Feng Shui”


Whether beautifying your personal home or readying a property to sell sometimes we focus on the interior and do not pay much attention to the front porch. Feng Shui experts put a strong emphasis on the homes entryway to make sure it is welcoming, inviting and generates a positive flow of energy as you approach. This brings an organic harmony to all of those that enter your space. That’s gotta be good right?

The basic concept of Feng Shui is about water and wind and the optimal placement in our daily lives that will allow for the best movement of chi (or energy). Color is also an immensely powerful element to create various moods and energy. Color literally raises our vibrations exponentially higher than sound which is why it is so amazingly powerful. By adding a pop of color on your porch or back deck areas you invite abundance and good fortune. Red, Purple, and yellow provide growth and life. Red is a popular color in Feng shui because it is believed to attract happiness. Blue and green symbolizes peace which is why we see in hospital and doctors’ offices. Below are some simple tips to add a “Twist of Feng Shui” to your exterior:

  • Organize and declutter your outside areas. Clutter can interfere with the positive energy flow. Try to create a uniformity so accentuate the harmony in the spaces.

  • Chimes are a soothing element that will gently play in the wind and create a calming energy field.

  • Use round planters and objects to manifest an uninterrupted flow of chi. Big round stones are also great.

  • Whether a large fountain or a simple porch fountain this is a great element and symbolizes your desire for wealth and property.

  • Provide a lovely welcome to your visitors with fresh flowers, plants at the front porch and get ready to smile and have your visitors smile too!


Happy Autumn………Happy Every Day!




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