Ta Da’s “Model Home Light”

Because “less is always More”


5 Important Questions every Builder whether custom, production or a hybrid should be asking themselves BEFORE they invest in model home furnishings and décor.

1. Am I paying a “designer” a boatload of money to fill every nook and cranny of my Model homes?

2. Are they “defining” the space to appeal to as many potential buyer’s as possible or “customizing” the space with specialty themes and specialty items that rack up my total bill and confuse the buyer’s?

3. Are my sales counselors constantly having to spend unnecessary time answering questions to potential buyers on “what is included” and what is NOT included?

4. Am I making it more difficult for folks to make a buying decision because there is so much “visual interference” created with the space jam packed with too much furniture décor and customizations?

5. Can I save money and sell homes faster with Ta Da’s “Model Home Light Merchandizing Package?

You Betcha!
Our Award Winning company offers several options to builders.

• Own the furnishings and décor outright
• Rent for a designated amount of time with flexible renewal or “reset” to the next property.
• Design and set up within 2 weeks from agreement. (in some cases less time if needed)
• We meet your timelines
• Model home “on trend” furnishings carefully designed to compliment the integrity of the home and speak to the demographics of the area.

We have over 10 years’ experience dealing with all aspects of new construction, design & marketing. Let our experience be your best competitive edge and help your “bottom line”
KAT Troulinos Owner/ Master accredited staging professional